Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

A better day, today; a better mood, today

I felt better. Overall.

Though I woke up from a frustrating dream, I wanted to do well today. It being nice outside, dry and warm, was extra incentive for going out, which I did (after starting to do two loads of laundry).

Late morning I went to Space Monkey Coffee, which opened this morning for the first time since Sunday, March 22nd. The shop's doing take-out and delivery, and the staffers updated the café website so you can order that way. I crossed to the park, sat at a picnic table well away from anyone, and took off my mask to have a dirty chai and a ham-and-cheese bagel sandwich. Then more walking, because I can always do more, then home.

Reading happened, as did finishing laundry.

I went out again this evening, first walking in a roundabout way to Foster. A Black Livea Matter demonstration was taking place on Foster east of 67th, near the Dutch Bros. and the Dollar Tree, in memory of George Floyd, Armaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and other people — too many other people — who are dead because of racism. People lining the road got some of those driving by to honk. They were out on a nice, comfortable evening, most of them masked against COVID-19, making sure to at least say something. One of several protests and demonstrations about this in Portland the last few days.

My walk took me farther down and around the neighborhood, and during this I found something that surprised me: at the vacant lot at SE 65th and Ramona, in the shallow pit where a house once was, there's a labyrinth. Which I walked, getting over to the entrances be following the winding trail that circles in on itself to a small center spot. In the middle were brightly-painted rocks, stacked; also near the middle was one particular rock marking the path and painted with the misspelled but sincere "YOU ARE BEAUTFUL."

(Is it against the spirit of using a labyrinth that while I walked it, I was thinking about the mid-2000s career of "Weird Al" Yankovic? If it is, I'll try to think of something else next labyrinth I walk.)

The world remains difficult, and raw, and grieving. Bad shit's been happening. I'm doing what I can to get happy moments, and moments of calm, and to be productive. Doing what I can.

I hope I can do well Tuesday, too.
Tags: peregrinations, politics

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