Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh


Ugh. Usually my nights aren't like this:

I woke up at 2:00 a.m., feeling weirdly paranoid and discombobulated. The tiny bit of light in my bedroom didn't look right; it took me a minute to realize that was partly because a light in the living room was still on. I got up and got my robe on, but while opening the closet door I suddenly, briefly became sure something was going to jump out at me from my closet. I actually thought to myself F--- you, subconscious, went into the living room, looked out the front window, had a nice view at least of the moon, went to the bathroom then realized that oh, I hadn't actually turned off the living room light so I went back, did that, went back to my room...then turned on my night stand light because I was surprisingly spun up and wasn't going to sleep again anytime soon.


When I did fall back asleep, I eventually started dreaming, and it was this epic, challenge-filled quest that involved me, for some reason, trying to get from Southeast Portland to a video store. The video store I was picturing doesn't exist, never existed even in the heyday of video stores, but I was certain it was in Northeast Portland near the airport (on Holt Street! Except there's no Holt Street anywhere in Portland, yes I just checked) and I could get to it by car except then I couldn't so I tried to get there by MAX except then I couldn't...

...oh, and without going into details it was one of those dreams that felt like, seemed like, it was really about sex without there being any actual sex imagery in it.

I'm going to say all this was why I then somehow slept in until past 9:30, which I almost never do, even when out of work and in quarantine.

Tags: dreams

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