Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Closer to better, perhaps (we hope): updates from the weekend

I saw a small thing that made me feel better. Today at Space Monkey Coffee, I saw they'd hung new art, by a local photographer. (One shot is apparently less than a week old, as it's of a protest, and looks like it was from one of the George Floyd/ Black Lives Matter protests Portland's had for over a week.)

Space Monkey reopened last Monday for to-go orders and delivery (which I won't use because I'm less than four blocks from it, but hey, options); people now can be in the café long enough to appreciate art, as we've done so much in so many coffee shops that, for pandemic reasons, we can't sit or linger in.

We're nowhere near the edge of the woods, to mangle the phrase; I still went out with my mask. Definitely want to stay well. (I also supported Space Monkey further by buying a green-and-white trucker cap with the café's logo.)

Another update from the neighborhood is that the bar next door to Space Monkey, Old Gilbert Road Tavern, is having a pop-up deli operating out of its kitchen Fridays through Tuesdays. Someone is selling sandwiches out of the door into the kitchen, down slightly 72nd Ave. from the corner entrance. Haven't bought from there yet.

And since I'm letting myself (carefully) drink, on my Friday errands I made my first purchase from a liquor store. Got a few small bottles of whisky (as in one 750 ml bottle and two 50 ml bottles) and a stout I drank that night. Since going to bars is still not an option, I can sample stuff in the safety of home.

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