Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh


So I haven't felt like blogging this week.

Felt like I didn't have anything worth saying this week.

Personally, as it's often been, life's been quiet. Mainly reading, and Thursday I spent time texting people, including people I hadn't been in touch with for a while so I could ask "what's up?" I hadn't been texting people as much as I could have been, so I made sure to do so.

My reading this week is all re-reading: Stephen King's Misery, Cathrynne Valente's Space Opera, and the essay collection Harlan Ellison's Watching. I've dipped into the Ellison book often over the years, but it's been maybe two decades since I've read it front to back. Also, as much as I'm fond of Ellison and his writing, it's good that I'm reading more than him. His was a very particular way to write and varying the diet with Others Not Harlan is a good idea.

Anyway, today will be a driving-and-errands day. Now to start getting ready for it. Also anyway, I'm around. See ya.

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