Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh


Imma whine.

I'm borrrrrrrrrrrrrrrred.

A lot of people are feeling that. I know it. I empathize with it. I grok it and give a feeble high-five-that-doesn't touch anybody, like in that shot from The Office. This sucks, and other news that sucks — sometimes truly tragic, sometimes simply sucky — has kept happening in the meantime.

This doesn't change that we're still losing a thousand Americans today to the virus that's kept me mostly in.

This doesn't change that the tragic news and the maddening news that's been happening has led to so many people, hundreds of thousands of people, saying The hell with this, even with this virus we need to march and protest because shit is not working.

And I'm so out of patience with people who aren't taking this seriously, who won't give other people space or wear masks because they think it's overblown or all a hoax, who get mad at others asking them to wear the mask and properly please, this isn't a joke, because to them, apparently? ARGH.

To everyone taking this seriously, who is doing what they can, who us keeping a sense of humor that's not in fact just mean: thank you. Let's be bored together. Um, in spirit.

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