Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

A robe day

In a way that weirdly felt like indulging at least a bit, today I never dressed in anything more involved than a robe. My red robe, the one I've had for 22-some years, what I wore on the two "March of the Lebowskis" I attended — where in May 2008 and May 2009 I and hundreds of others in robes walked from a SE Portland park to the Bagdad Theatre for late-night The Big Lebowski screenings. (...wish I had photos of me from those.)

Anyway. A robe. Or less, when I was in my room, reading and later watching Spike Lee's 2002 film 25th Hour.

The one productive thing I needed to do, besides eating of course, was a load of laundry. Still did it in my robe.

I'm not going to be the "in my robe all of the time" person. I'll get fully dressed Monday.

...there. I'd hoped to get a Sunday entry done.

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