Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

A Labyrinth

As I mentioned in the last couple of weeks, not far from where I live there's a labyrinth. It's makeshift, in the sunken part of a mostly-vacant lot — the former house's shed still stands, but not the house — and today, I visited it. I did this after a long walk through SE Portland, a walk followed by riding a bus back to my neighborhood — my first bus ride in three months — for more walking.

This time I took photos. I have no way of knowing how long this labyrinth will be there, but while it is, heck, I can use walking-the-labyrinth experience. As I did last time, I did it quietly, looking down and watching my step. It's fairly small and narrow. Luckily, the main way to use a labyrinth badly is, say, walk straight across it like no marked path was there; and I wouldn't do that.


The entrance.

One of the bends.

The rocks that have been left at the center.



At the edge of the sunken area, more colored rocks, sticking out of a hollow.


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