Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

A poem's right words. I mean correct. A poem's correct words.

I started my latest poem a little less than a month ago. Eight lines came out quickly, and I liked them, and there were only two false starts which I crossed out. Today I looked again at the poem, saw the two crossed-out bits — which add up to almost a single full line — and realized Wait, combine them and they fit, both the mood of the poem and the rhythm. I got those words in, and that feels like progress.

It's one of the poems that I'm needing to brainstorm further. I made notes. The notes don't work as lines, but I have to hope they'll inspire lines.

I try not to take too long on each poem, and except for the initial writing this has taken a while. Since mid-May, in fact, when I wrote down the first line in my poetry notebook while working on my previous poem, thinking I'll want to come back to that. I try not to write more than one poem at a time.

And likely, once I'm done with this, I'll want to do another one. I'm glad I do this more often.
Tags: poetical

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