Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Café Times

Hanging out. What a concept. (Oh, how quickly things change.)

A few weeks ago, in early June, after I could do so, I had a sandwich and a drink at Space Monkey Coffee. As in, in Space Monkey. And, at the time, it was...kind of tense. Am I far enough from the few other people inside? Are they?

Today I got to try again, there. And did so for a while: a couple of hours, on and off. Felt like I was doing it better this time. Felt good.

I didn't go in immediately: it was busy, plus a man disrupted things in the café with his dog, who the man said he was training to be a service dog. I missed this, as I took a lap through Mt. Scott Park across the street.

I realized I might be there a bit when I realized two foodstuffs sounded good at the moment but that they wouldn't taste good together: the bowl of granola with plain yogurt plus sliced fruit, and the current soup, a spiced lentil with the vegetables that had been in the fridge lately. So I ordered both, the granola first and the soup for later. (Space Monkey has an all-day menu, so I could have done this the other way around.)

Got to eat outside, too. The outdoor tables and seats weren't set up yet, but Amy, the staffer on duty, was okay with me setting a pair of them on the sidewalk. It was a partly cloudy morning, and comfortable. A couple also set up chairs and a table out there (in front of the now-permanently-closed Arleta Library Café) while I was out there.

I moved inside the café after that, as it was not crowded, and hung out and visited. Talked with Amy, shared my Trek in the Park T-shirt with a young man who showed up for a drink, and saw a decent flow of customers come in. And some guy who entered without a mask and, when Amy told him he needed to wear a mask inside, turned around without saying anything and left. At least he didn't made a scene. I know, low standard.

To build up a little more appetite, I let Amy know I'd go for a walk. I went west to the makeshift labyrinth at SE 65th and Ramona, and smiled as a father and his son went over to it to investigate it. The day was continuing to be nice, so why not?

Soup happened next, me eating it on the counter next to one of the windows, and it was good: thick and nicely spicy. I thanked Amy for making it and told a guy who was in the café that it was good; he'd wanted to know. He likes soup, too. Maybe more than me.

Music played during all this — Amy had put on 106.7 The Eagle (which plays Guns N Roses's "Welcome to the Jungle" as classic rock; um, I guess?). It was a good-feeling mix of music.

I went home after that, with the house copy of Willamette Week plus a ginger ale for later, and have stayed in and taken it easy.

I wasn't too active yesterday. I was more active today. And active in a good way.
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