Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

A thrilling race to fill out forms

What was I unmotivated to do yesterday? My taxes.

What got done today? My taxes.

Federal (refund!), state tax (refund!), and the Portland Arts Tax (paid!) are all submitted, correctly I hope. I always hope that, and my taxes compared to many people's are pretty simple, but I still worry.

I had an obstacle. I'd thought I'd gotten the state forms and instructions pre-quarantine, but found out today that, um, no I hadn't. Okay, can I submit my state taxes online? Yes. Would my old tablet allow me to load everything it would need to load? (Because some sites don't work on it, and printing out stuff without a library computer is right out.) YES, thank everything. Though at times the virtual keyboard I needed for entering info wouldn't pop up, and I had to feel my way to the answer why.

But. Done. But. I'm reminding myself (and, by extension, you) that I could have done all of this way back when I got my W2, my 1095, and any other applicable forms with needed info. In other words, months ago, so I wouldn't have had this source of stress at deadline. At least the deadline focused me.

I took the federal return, the one I needed to mail (Portlanders can pay the $35 annual arts tax online), with me on a decent-length walk to the Foster Road post office just south of 50th Ave. and Powell Blvd. A warm, sunny, sweat-causing day and walk. After dropping it off (post-marked in time! Yay!), I treated myself to Taco Bell then headed back to the house, stopping at Atlas Pizza to get a couple of beers for later. One of those will be for tonight. I'm in the mood for a beer and a shot.

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