Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Rewrite Weird Al, why not

"Weird Al" Yankovic needed a hit. In 1989 he'd had the double failure of both UHF his film and UHF his album, and wondered how to bounce back from that. He asked to parody Michael Jackson's "Black or White" as a song called "Snack All Night," but Jackson said no. Luckily, Al hit on a better idea, and got permission to redo Nirvana's breakthrough "Smells Like Teen Spirit" as "Smells Like Nirvana." It's funny song and a funny video —

— but


it has one particular bit that, honestly, I've always felt was a little weak, in that Al sings

a garage band from Seattle
Well it sure beats raising cattle

and I get pedantic and think "Y'know, Western Washington isn't a big cattle area. Eastern Washington State, yes, parts of Oregon, yep, but...Seattle cows? Really? You're that committed to rhyming 'Seattle'?"

But! I solved it! You could rewrite the bit to go

a Seattle-based garage band
It beats works at coffee drink stands

"Yeah" indeed. *headbangs in joy*

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