Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

One Degree

I got out of bed earlier today than I've tended to do lately. I already was planning to get out this morning to Space Monkey for coffee, but I added to that plan when I saw it was an overcast, cooler morning. I did door duty.

While the other people who live here were preparing for the day, I opened the front door and stood nearby, reading Dune, and let cooler air in. I took quick breaks to wash my hands — I couldn't completely trust the entering air, after all — but it was worth it to get some cooler air into the house. Its main floor doesn't have A/C. (The top floor has a window unit, but I rarely go up there.)

I watched the door to make sure neighborhood cats didn't enter. One cat tried. It was nice to see him, and I said "Hi" (didn't pet him), but I didn't want to let him in. I also didn't want the house cat, Mr. X, to get out, so at one point I closed the door when he showed up in the living room. He likes going out, at least into the backyard, though he generally no longer darts to go out, so I didn't have to do this too quickly, simply closing the front door until Mr. X wandered off.

All this to lower the indoor temp from 77 degrees to 76 degrees. It's a little bit, but it helps. It stayed 76 in here for several hours, in fact. I've done this other summer days, to get things off on, so to speak, a cooler foot. (Does that phrase work? You may decide.) Some mornings I've succeeded in knocking the temp several degrees. Hmm, goals...

Stay comfortable, as this weird and difficult and frustrating year continues.

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