Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Such a thing as "too efficient," Chris

Dinner was ramen. I was thinking as I started cooking what else I could add to dinner, and I briefly had the thought Dump one of my hot dogs into the ramen to heat it up, then take it out and have it as a side.

Then I thought, no.

For one thing, there was a good chance the ramen flavors and the hot dog flavor would not play well together, but the main reason was, maybe the most efficient way to do something isn't always the best way to do something.

Reminds me. With one of my early cars, an early 80s Honda Prelude that my family owned and which both I and my brother drove, I developed a habit of quickly locking the driver's side door as I parked it and stepped out of it. It was a certain move of the hand, so I could walk away knowing the car was locked...

...and one time I did that while pulled over to see if the car had been damaged by a piece of wood I'd run into and I realized that I'd locked the door with the car still running. With no spare key and nothing else open, no other unlocked door, no rolled-down window, just the car stopped and still using gas and me not being able to do anything about it.

(I was able to go to a nearby house and get permission from its resident to call Mom at her job and have her show up with a key, so the car didn't run for long but...)

((This was before cell phones were common, or small. Yes, that long ago.))

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