Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Well, this threw me

I may as well laugh about this, and in fact I did:

Last February, someone stole my car. Police recovered it a few days later, I had a small saga getting it back and...well, it happened, and it feels weird that it did (especially less than a year after someone else had stolen it), but moving on, right? And today I was driving it, going up to St. Helens.

I was pulling in to park near a marina and a beach when I noticed something had slid out from under the passenger seat.

I looked closer and saw that crammed under there were all of what had been in my glove compartment when Car-Stealing Person stole my car. Gas register, manual, air pressure gauge, paperwork, even a receipt. All of that sitting inside my car, while I'd been thinking all of that had been dumped on some roadside months earlier.

Literally the only item that CSP had actually taken was an 18-years-out-of-date map I'd had in the back seat, and it looks like one glove out of a pair of gloves. That's it.

To the people parked nearby: if you wondered why the guy in the car that had just parked was laughing surprisingly loudly, now you know. (Oh, you all probably don't read this.)

I waited until just now to retrieve the stuff from under the passenger seat; I wanted to be careful. What if CSP-related stuff was under there too? What if there was anything I'd regret touching? But, no. My stuff, accounted for.

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