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A quiet weekend. Before that, a quiet week. More time to myself: perhaps more time to myself than what even my current standards of quiet time are.

Time to think.

My thoughts haven't necessarily been hey-I'll-share-them thoughts. Dreams, too, involved ones, I mean involved...and they feel very influenced by this still-weird, still-difficult time of ours. None I feel like sharing here in my blog: not writing about that. Unless they become especially interesting.

Poem work goes on. I was having an issue with the current one and I felt, then didn't feel, then felt again that likely the issue is that I was writing the notes for two poems, not one. So: will this change the way this latest poem goes? Likely.

Reading continues: Judy Blume's adult novel In the Unlikely Event, Nora Roberts's Sea Swept because I want to read a series of hers, filmmaker Roger Corman's memoir...and starting this weekend, my latest full read-through of Neil Gaiman's The Sandman, this time starting with his prequel The Sandman: Overture.

And I've gotten to the point of missing blogging. We'll see if this turns into more entries this week.
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