Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

In the word of Oingo Boingo, "Sweat!"

I've been bad this summer — and at other times before it — at wearing sunblock.

I don't mean wearing it badly by, like, spreading it on my underwear or something like that. I mean not using it enough in general. When I burned the top of my left arm a month ago on a road trip because, duh, sunlight gets in through the car's side window, I remembered this is dumb. And I have some, plus when it runs out I can buy some, and...hey!'s a way to get out and sweat.

I could sweat more.

So I went out today, because I had a library errand (one book to pick up, one book to return) and wearing sunblock meant I wouldn't need to wear a hat or cap — I wasn't in the mood for a hat or a cap — and once I was done at the library, I wander-walked. I stopped at a couple of parks and read for a little bit at each one, in shade of course, then moved on. I was out longer than I would have been had I not lotioned up, and after I got home I indulged in a quick, cool shower.

I won't tell you all the ways I sweated today. *grins*

In honor of sweat, here's a song about it.

Tags: peregrinations

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