Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh


It's still not a Twelve Monkeys situation out in the world, where going outside requires lots of filters and plastic between you and the atmosphere, but: pandemic, still. Also, it's been in the 90s in Portland, which of course is nothing compared to the literally 110-plus temps that parts of Southern California are getting, so: breathing. Staying not-too-warm. We're all trying to do both.

(That first paragraph is a little overwritten. I'm a bit out of practice writing blog entries, forgive me.)

I've mentioned how on many mornings, I'll wake up early and open the front door (and maybe sometimes open the kitchen's sliding glass door, too) to let some cooler air into the house. This weekend we've done better: we've been able to keep the front door open for hours more than I tend to, with a fan set up to move that air. It's fresher. And without visitors generally at the moment, we're probably not inviting too many COVID particles into the house, plus trust me, we're being careful cleaning.

Meanwhile, several times lately we've been able to keep a north-facing window in the main bathroom open for most of the day or even all day. Not too hot during the day and some satisfyingly cool air in the evening, at night and in the morning. I like that.

We're trying to stay fresh, and stay healthy, and stay vigilant.

As I say a lot more often nowadays, take care.

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