Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Indulgence, sort of

Here's some of how I've treated myself lately.

I drive. It's a good idea to run the car at least once a week, and certain errands are easier with one. Though dealing with other drivers driving badly — and making sure I don't drive badly in response — remains a challenge.

Last Friday I considered doing a drive, and woke up extra early to do so (do it while it's cooler out), but as the morning went on, I decided I wasn't in the mood. Instead, I was in the mood to visit Beulahland. It currently has afternoon/evening hours Thursdays through Sundays; so that evening, I bussed and walked over to it. I last did that August 7th, also a Friday, and took advantage of the new porch on what had been some of NE 28th Ave.'s street parking. Getting there by bus and on foot meant I could let myself have an adult beverage; I went with a Buoy beer. Also food: grilled cheese plus a hot dog, followed by an RC. Turns out I honestly like RC.

The porch was full, but Beulah has limited indoor seating. So I set up at the tables next to the Gorbachev poster, which has googly eyes on him and is surrounded by Arsenal FC scarves, wanting to be both near a front window and in sight of people inside. Didn't want to feel like I was hiding.

It didn't feel as much like an indulgence. Because of how careful we were being. And because of how weird it felt to eat inside a bar/restaurant, during all this. So far in this pandemic, I've only done that three times: My Father's Place in Inner SE Portland, Kyllo's in Lincoln City with Mom, and Beulah on Friday. (I've been looser with being inside of coffee shops, I'll admit; I still go to Space Monkey and to Carnelian Coffee, and alternate between inside and outside.) So I didn't linger in Beulah as long as I wanted to: I wanted to finish, get more hand sanitizer on, then head home. As I did, after topping well.

This is going to feel weird for a bit. A continued bit. Pandemic means I have to find more ways to write interestingly.

Meanwhile, I can treat myself with books (some digital, some my own, some borrowed from my nearest library branch — I wait some time before reading them inside, or handle the books carefully then wash) and movies (DVDs from, again, the library, plus what I can borrow on the Hoopla app: Sunday I watched The Commitments).

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