Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Sky status

Portland's air quality was worse today than it was yesterday. In fact, Portland was the major world city with the worst air quality today. Yes, worst in the world. And some smaller cities south of us had even worse air.

I feel weird for admitting this, though: because the clouds and smoke today were thicker, the sky felt more like a typical overcast day here. I couldn't see the sun; yesterday, I could see it, and it was reddish. Not having a red sun above us, kind of helped me.

(It also helped me that I didn't go out today at all.)

There is a silver lining to the still air: winds have died down, which has helped slow the spread of the fires, and given firefighters more of a chance to beat this back. But we have a few days before we're forecast to also get rain, so over this weekend, we'll likely have stagnant air. Not great, but Superman can't come suck away the smoke. Or freeze the surface of a lake and dump it on fires, like he did in Superman III.

Masks, for smoke and for COVID, are still needed. As are limiting trips out of home as much as possible.

Okay, back to reading.

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