Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

I am resisting giving this a joke title

I started my current in-progress poem back on August 15th. I haven't done more than fiddle with it. At one point in that lay-off where I wasn't doing anything on the poem, it occurred to me: I've been re-reading Neil Gaiman's The Sandman, often a very poetic work...and at some level, I was worried my poem-writing at the moment would start imitating it.

I don't need to write bad Neil Gaiman imitations, I need to write bad me imitations. (Wait.)

Today, I finished the bulk of my re-read. Yesterday I powered through "The Kindly Ones," at 13 issues the single longest Sandman story, and today I read the finale "The Wake." I have other volumes I'm going to wait to re-read, for now: Endless Nights, the two "Death" miniseries Gaiman wrote later, and the one main volume I don't have yet and would borrow from the library, Dream Hunters. But those can wait.
Tags: poetical

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