Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

A Lighter Head!

Haircut achieved, today. By a professional, a good guy (Guil) who's also a friend, and who owns a shop within walking distance from me on SE Woodstock.

When I first got my hair cut during this pandemic, I had gone an especially long time between haircuts, made longer by the pandemic shutting barber shops and other establishments for, um, a while, and my hair was...unwieldy. It really was such a relief to get to Southeast Barber Company that time, and get that messy weight off my head. I told myself, this time don't wait as long. In fact, I considered making an appointment last month during the smoke-heavy days, when ash and smoke from the western fires were darkening our skies, because Guil's shop was open...but


I'd also made a decision to get a shop T-shirt, so I could show my support of the place that way, and I did not want to bring it home through the bad air we were saddled with. So, I waited. Then, relievedly, we got rain and much better air quality (for current values of "much better"), so I let myself think of a haircut again. I shaved my facial hair last week, so that any changes in my hair on the top of my head would not be influenced by the hair on my face. I wanted my head to look balanced. Then on Friday, after my trip to Multnomah Falls, I set my appointment.

Haircut, achieved. Shirt (a grey T with the shop logo on the front), achieved. A nice walk afterwards through Woodstock Park then up to Holgate and Foster, achieved. A rinsing-off shower once I was home, to get the little cut hairs off of my head so they wouldn't fall on my pillow tonight, achieved.

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