Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

A day out. Cars. Food. Groceries. Me at least once being somewhere I shouldn't. Oops.

Easy morning for me. I could take my time because I wanted to run errands in the midday and the afternoon. I drove and made my first stop at McDonald's, the one at SE 28th and Powell. I parked in the restaurant's parking lot and ate. Leaving was complicated when someone drove the wrong way into the parking lot, like they were headed for the end of the drive-thru instead of the beginning. Oops.

(I'd been reminded via Facebook Memories that last October 30th, at work at the airport, I got surprised by a driver driving past me on the airport's Upper Roadway, then inexplicably turning around, driving the wrong way down a very busy airport ramp. Amazingly, apparently, no one got hurt that hurt, but eef. Don't drive wrong ways! Thank you.)

Driving to drive happened next, because I was in the mood to drive. I went past the railroad tracks south of the SE 11th/Division intersection, and I was glad I didn't have to cross the tracks there because a freight train was stopped on that stretch. Then up Grand, over to Weidler/Broadway and over to the Hollywood neighborhood. After parking, I read, then went for a walk in the neighborhood's business areas and part of its residential area.

After killing time thusly, I drove to the Hollywood Fred Meyer. Killed more time there, then bought groceries. Had a good experience checking out; the checker and the guy packing up my groceries were engaged and amused.

(A mea culpa from earlier in that visit: I'd wanted to sit down in the store, and found an odd seating area. Um, it's odd because it's for Fred Meyer employees only; the most recent remodel got rid of that store's public seating area. My working for the Fred Meyer-Krogee call center from 2013 to 2014 doesn't count. Heh.)

I got home.

This is, as I sometimes do, a functional "I did this then this then this..." entry. Felt good to write.

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