Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

A decent birthday, a decent day

Huh. Wonder if this was the first time the end of Daylight Savings Time coincided with my birthday.

I woke up slightly earlier than I would have even without the time change, and have taken it mostly easy. Early afternoon, I headed for a walk, returning a library DVD to my local branch and picking up my next library items I'd put on hold. I then indulged in the free drink you can get at Dutch Bros. for your birthday; I got a blended Rebel, Electric Berry flavor (lime and blue raspberry). I walked over to a cross street nearby, to find a good place to drink while out of the way of people. A particular consideration during the pandemic, of course.

How my mind works, latest example: I found a stretch of street where I could sit on the curb, next to a parked car. Another car drove by, down the street. I realized: It's very very unlikely, but there's a chance that I'd be sitting here and some other car would come down the street, and swerve into the curb area where I'm seated, and the driver wouldn't see me and I wouldn't see the driver until it was too late. That would be a really maddening way to die. So I stood up and got onto the sidewalk. Again, I knew and know that's unlikely, but I'm very much trying not to tempt fate.

Guess I feel there's something to fate. Or maybe it's "don't take even potentially stupid risks."

In nicer news, after walking around the neighborhood a little more, I decided to treat myself to a birthday meal. At Bar Carlo, which I hadn't been to in a while, not since before the pandemic started in fact. I had the vegan bowl, plus a beer, as they'd gotten Narragansett from the Northeast U.S., and got a table on the sidewalk.

This all was during a nice, warm day. Breezy enough that the light, sleeveless sweatshirt I've had on today was enough to keep warm. I like that the end of Daylight Savings Time happened on a day that was this light and comfortable.

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