Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Where my head is at. (On top of my neck. Duh.)

I wanted to begin this entry "The United States of America, at this moment, is In a Mood." But, no. Too flippant.

With the 2020 Election, we've found more ways to be weird, frustrating and difficult this year. The campaign season was brutal; watching how the chips fall (scratch that, are still falling) is scary and maddening.

Like so many other people, I didn't get much done yesterday. The most I did was go out in the early morning to Space Monkey Coffee (busy with only one person working at that moment); otherwise, I was at the house and trying and often failing to keep checking updates online. I tried to read a book and had trouble focusing on it. I tried to rest and did a little better at that. I listened to music. I thought.

Took me a while to get to sleep last night, but I did.

I took advantage of being able to ease into today and, y'know, eased. I deliberately did not go online until well after I'd awakened; I told myself "Wait at least until it's light out." Took care of my morning bathroom trip then eating a quick snack (a banana and some water) before checking, and: slight changes from last night. Things weren't exploding. There. That covers it.

Was somewhat more productive today. That included going out. I drove to just south of the Ladd's Addition neighborhood, first to buy two books from Books With Pictures, then to go on a long walk. Over to 11th Ave., waiting for a freight train to pass, south to around Powell Blvd. and a bit of the Brooklyn neighborhood, over the pedestrian/ bicyclist bridge at 18th and Rhine, over to 21st, up to Tibbetts, over to 26th and Clinton. The block of Clinton between 25th and 26th is closed to vehicles and converted to a plaza; I'd seen it recently and wanted to walk through it. I managed to dodge drizzle; it didn't rain where I was until I was almost home.

Okay. Now to do more relaxing. Or at least try to.
Tags: peregrinations, politics

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