Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

A better day, in several ways. (Election 2020. Also noodles.)

So, it's all over but the counting. And lawsuits, which are slowing the counting, but...

...we are getting closer to saying with certainty that Former Vice President Joe Biden will become President Biden, and Senator Kamala Harris of California will become Vice President Harris, this Jan. 20th.


Sometime yesterday, after so much uncertainty and frustration and stress and gloom, many of us online got...punchy. Punchy and hilarious. The memes and reactions were choice. We could be funny again. And not funny in the "ha ha ha the world is ending" way. It's been fascinating to watch, and a massive relief to experience.

And this morning I woke up not dreading checking the news.

People are getting energy from this election result. Finally. It's less draining. Finally. We can build in this, and go in a better direction than my country's been going in for years. Finally. There's repair work to be done, but it's doable.

As for the rest of my day, I got out in the afternoon, driving on errands. Went to an ATM. Let myself restock some whiskey. Get comics from my subscription box at Bridge City Comics. Visit the NW 23rd area, near Chapman School, because my last stop before heading home was at Boxer Ramen. One of its locations has reopened for ramen to-go, and I've been wanting better ramen than my homemade ramen. I wandered the neighborhood for a bit, then went to the restaurant and had my food and drink (including pot stickers and a blackberry cider) seven minutes after ordering. Then it was back to the car, home, and dinner.
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