Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Small Satisfactions

Today's been decent. I got out and got things done. Drove to the west side and, for the first time in a few months, visited Sesame Donuts at its Raleigh Hills shop. Getting there, I drove on a stretch of road, Multnomah Blvd./Garden Home, that I've rarely been on: watching the trees on an undeveloped stretch, like I was within a tree-full ravine, on this overcast and drizzly day was unexpectedly pretty and soothing.

I went this less-direct way than my usual route to the shop because when I take the usual way, Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy., it takes some awkward backtracking to get there unless I park a few lots away. Why not take more time and see different scenery? And that was satisfying.

As was me surprising myself by leaving down Oleson Rd. to see where I'd get and winding up near Washington Square Mall. Oh; I'd forgotten about some of the lay of the land in and around Beaverton, mainly because I last regularly went over there in the mid-1990s. I drove around that corner of Beaverton into Tigard then back into Portland.

This drive was satisfying, too. For most of today's driving, in fact, it was satisfying, without too much bad driving around me. (Some road trips, I yell. This trip, I occasionally grumbled sarcastic comments like "Nice signal" when someone shifted lanes without shifting.)

And while I was out, I did a big grocery-shopping stop, this time at the Burlingame Fred Meyer in SW Portland. And found several things I'd had trouble finding lately at other stores, so: get that! And that! Stock up on good stuff!

And now I have plenty of food at the house. Including doughnuts.

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