Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Here he comes, here comes Speed Spider

So today I was driving. Early in the drive, after I'd gotten a to-go bagel sandwich plus coffee from Space Monkey, I pulled over at available street parking on SE 52nd, south of Duke. Had my breakfast there. I was seeing different scenery, having socially-distanced food and drink.

And then I saw a spider on my windshield.

I like spiders. This isn't going to be a "gaaaaaaaah spiders" entry.

Um, likely that spider had been riding on the car. I figured the spider would be happier somewhere that wasn't moving, like a tree. A tree was near where I was parked, so, why not move the spider?

Except when I went out to get the spider to crawl onto a hand so I could transplant it, that spider didn't want to climb on. It waited, it juked and ran in another direction, it didn't make any effort to get off the car. In fact, it then crawled just under the hood, into an area that looks snug. Spider-sized. Maybe comfortable, even.

Okay. Only so much I can do. I went driving. Wandered around SE Portland, stopping at Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge for a walk, on this bright and cool day, then stopped for some groceries at the Moreland QFC, then went home.

I'm guessing and hoping the spider was still somewhere under the hood, going "wheeeee!"

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