Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

In the Air

Because the sky east of me is clear right now, I made sure to go back to the kitchen and look out the sliding glass door, to see the almost-full moon. There it was, just over the rooftops and bright. I watched it and appreciated it.

I also noticed the lights of planes, flying west toward Portland International Airport. Not as many planes as I would have seen on any similar night a year ago, due to pandemic-era air traffic being much lower, but enough to remind me I've often been able to watch that long, quiet (from here) parade of lights.

I've said it before: I miss my job, and I miss the airport. I was glad to hear from a friend that she is starting a job at PDX; she'd asked to have her position get transferred there and she got the transfer. I'd like, eventually, to get back there myself, even if it's not the same position as I had until March — Valet isn't coming back anytime soon — because it's honestly a good airport.

But tonight, at least, I watched what used to be a normal sight. A sight I hope will be normal again.

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