Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

For Me

I'm not going to tell you what I'm watching.

With my enforced time off, I've read books and comics, and walked when I could, and watched movies when I could. There's a particular something I've meant to see, and now I'm seeing it.

I want to experience this as an experience. Just me and this work and my thoughts. And, hey, I can. It's simple to do so. I simply have to not mention it to anyone.

I'm not live-tweeting my viewing. I'm not bringing it up on Facebook. Once so far I've wanted to look up one specific bit of info about what I am watching, and I looked that up very carefully as to avoid finding out details I'd rather not know yet.

The work is something big, not just in length. The work is also esoteric, and weird, and often deeply disturbing, and often deeply beautiful.

It's not meant to be binged. I'd heard that before watching. So: I'm not. Watching every day or every other day seems a good pace. And that will occupy me for...a bit.

After that, maybe another viewing. Maybe more looking up specifics of what inspired aspects of this work. Maybe seeking out the thoughts of people I trust as to their feelings about this work, Maybe. Or maybe it stays as an experience, as something I can feel very personally.

I'm taking my time to watch. I'm taking my time to consider. I'll let it flow over me like waves, like an ocean I could breathe. (As I said: a big work.)

Some of you may have been able to guess what I'm watching. If you have, I'll ask a favor: keep it to yourself, and don't ask, and don't unsolicited tell me what you think of [x]. Maybe I'll talk to some of you later. Again, maybe.

Or, again, maybe I keep this to myself.

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