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I walked over four miles Friday. (I didn't walk nearly that far Saturday or today, because I didn't leave the house.) The skies were bright and the day was cool, and I was in the mood for a long walk, and I kept going until I felt I'd gone a decent distance and took buses home. (Stopped at Landmark Saloon, a bar I like, and got a drink and a ball cap.)

Walking is good, of course [*standard disclaimer that the way it's used in Stephen King's great Bachman book The Long Walk is horrifying and terrible, also if you haven't read The Long Walk you should*], and I can always do more. What I also want and wanted to do: take inclines. Burns more calories, which I can afford to do. And three times on my Friday walk, I got to take stairs. I realized I was approaching Creston Park and its big stairway next to the swimming pool on the park's north side. Hey, resistance! Up it, then around on a path to the west then the north and around the pool because I saw another man walking the stairs. I wanted to give him room to do so. He'd moved on by the time I came back around to the bottom, so I went up then down then up one more time. Then I headed farther west.

More inclined steps after that: the two pedestrian/bicyclist bridges that go over SE Portland's railway and the Brooklyn Rail Yard. Both replaced older bridges that have been removed in the past decade, and that I used to use when I lived in the Brooklyn neighborhood. One's at SE Lafayette and SE Rhine, between 18th and 20th Avenues; I remember how old, rusty and rickety that bridge was. (I used it on my commute, 2013-2014. You know more now.) The other is the Gideon Overcrossing, which opened last month. Crosses the tracks at SE 13th near the Clinton Street MAX stop and lands on the north at SE 14th. That bridge replaced a bridge that had been really sturdy and non-rickety, but which was in the way of the MAX line so it had to be removed.

(Both bridges have elevators. I didn't use them this time.)

That went well. At home, where I sometimes spend the whole day indoors because pandemic, I don't have access to as many stairs. But I have enough that I walk up and down steps from the basement to the main floor, and get some of that resistance walking.
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