Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Helping Me, Helping Them

Spending yesterday mainly resting, taking medicine, waiting to get less sore, and being thankful that at least I wasn't feverish, I wanted to get out today. And I did! A long walk. Not as long as some of the ones I've done, but I got to certain destinations:

• Carnelian Coffee, one of my neighborhood's coffee shops, for a warm drink (a lavender steamer with oat milk the shop calls an Amethyst Sage) and a snack. I supported them!

• Creston Park, where I went recently to walk up and down the 60-step stairway connecting both ends of the park, to walk up and down those stairs more times. I got to see some people running their dogs in the park while I was there. Nice to encounter excited dog energy.

• Space Monkey Coffee, another one of my neighborhood's coffee shops, for a warm drink of house coffee, soup (which I heated up at home), and a pasta salad. I supported them, too!

Each of my warm drinks today, by the way, including both the drinks I mentioned above and the mint tea I had with dinner, also served as warm compresses on my jaw, because getting less sore (maybe, soon, not sore!) is a goal.
Tags: peregrinations

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