Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Books! Also movies on DVDs, but: books!

Just under a month. Just under a month that my county library, as a precaution against COVID, halted the hold-pickup program that let us at least get physical items from them.

That halt has, er, un-halted. We're back to what the library started last summer: you make an appointment, visit your branch at the assigned time, and get your item(s). I honestly said "Yes!" when I heard today.

There's a long way to go before we can do more, and plenty of more won't happen until we have far better control over coronavirus. But as I admitted a month ago, it truly bothered me that we couldn't do library holds. I don't have many indulgences, and the library is one of them, and that was taken away from me. (Except for stuff borrowed digitally, but in certain cases I prefer having a physical copy of the books I read or the film's and TV shows I watch.) To get at least this: it's a relief.

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