Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

A sort of Christmas, plus today's walk

I didn't do much for Christmas, but Christmas came to me: Mom and Dad drove into town, to visit and to give me a few gifts and treats. We sat in the living room, the housemates giving us space to do so, and caught up on family news. Thanks, Mom and Dad.

Otherwise, not much to yesterday. I stayed home. Today's highlight was two-and-a-half hours doing a couple of errands at the library and the bank, walking, and riding on not-crowded MAX trains where I had a chance to sit and read. (Before and after train rides, I got some exercise walking up and down the steps to the Lents/SE Foster Road MAX station.) I rode one train to the end of the Green Line, at Clackamas Town Center, and waited until the train left to head north. While I waited, the TriMet cleaning crew wiped down areas that people had likely touched with their hands while the train was running.

This afternoon and evening after that, I've been back home, reading (I'd picked up Dune Messiah by Frank Herbert earlier), having a little bit of blackberry mead to drink, and taking it easy.

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