Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

2020 closes out

Yesterday (Wednesday) was a home day. Didn't go out; the variable rain for most of the day was one incentive not to go out.

This afternoon, I did errands via car. Library items pick-up; a stop for food and a mocha at the NE Fremont Jim & Patty's Coffee*, which I hadn't been to in over a year; then over to N. Mississippi to go to Bridge City Comics. Got comic books, and visited with Michael Ring, who I hadn't seen for a while. Then a semi-scenic route home.

I can stay in tonight and tomorrow if I want. There may be more errands Saturday, but I plan to do what I usually do at new years: ease into the next year.

Ease is good.

Meanwhile, one more goal for today: I'm 80 pages away from finishing a re-read of a novel, and I hope to finish it tonight so it counts toward my 2020 reading total...

* If you've ever heard of Coffee People ("Good Coffee — No Backtalk") or Motor Moka, an early coffee drive-thru chain, Jim and Patty are the founders of both. They're also the founders if you haven't heard of them.

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