Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Is this a pattern?

This tends to be how it happens recently: I'll alternate days inside and days out. Today, last Friday, last Wednesday: in, not leaving the house except maybe onto the front steps or into the backyard. Last Thursday and Saturday: errands. And what I'll do when I go out is wear the pants I'd worn the day before; I figure they wouldn't have gotten dirty in my day indoors, and only need to be washed after a day out.

Partly why I stayed inside today was that I needed to do a laundry load of my masks, which all needed washing along with underwear and socks, and I hadn't gotten to it yesterday. Yes, I'll get more masks (ideally reusable — I've used one box of disposables and would prefer not to again) because I don't want to run out. Okay, tomorrow I can go out, be-masked. (Is that a term?)

Meanwhile, I'm staying semi-active. Moving around, getting exercise, even inside. Could do more, but that's always true.

Maybe I'll be out tomorrow (Monday). I don't want my pattern to be staying in several days in a row.

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