Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

There's only you and me and we just disagree

I'm hoping a phone video doesn't go viral...

Whoa, that was dramatic. More than warranted. But here's what happened:

I was walking, about eight blocks west of where I live and headed north toward Foster. Ahead I heard yelling. I looked and saw a van, stopped after pulling out of a driveway. A man was jogging south. The woman in the van was yelling that he should have been jogging on the sidewalk.

I'm guessing she'd come close to hitting him. I hadn't seen, so I can't be sure.

The driver started insulting the jogger, yelling "idiot" then "pee-wee." And the jogger turned and jogged back towards her. His mask was in his hand. She, masked, got out of the van. "Are you harassing me?" he asked. They briefly circled each other, her telling him he shouldn't have been in the road and holding out her phone. Filming him, or (come to think of it) maybe pretending to film him. This only lasted a few seconds, and he turned and jogged away. Mask still in his hand.

She also pointed me out. "There's a witness!" She yelled other stuff, aaaaaaand I think she was hoping I'd say something, too.

Which I did. "Staying masked is a good idea," I said to him. I tried to sound more neutral than she had.

I didn't say anything to her. Because I was thinking: anyone on foot can be on a street, especially on a residential street like that. Watch out for vehicles and bicycles when you do that, yes, but walking/jogging/running on a road is not unheard-of. Which maaaaaaaybe she wouldn't have wanted to hear. I was concerned I could start an argument, and wanted instead to keep going. I kept going.

Plus, the van driver had insulted the jogger, and that escalated things.

While I could say that both the driver and the jogger were partly right and partly wrong, nuance was not going to happen at that point. Plus it wouldn't have been fair of me to possibly argue with just her when I had issues with the jogger, too, except he was gone. So I got gone.


I did a better thing earlier on that walk! I'd cleared out my change container with the $4.05 worth of quarters, dimes and nickels I'd collected lately, stopped at Space Monkey Coffee, and left it as a tip. The staffer there at the time thanked me; they'd been short of change and were hoping to get more. (I didn't bring my pennies. Those go in a different container, a jar I've had for years that holds several dollars of pennies that I eventually deposit in a coin machine. Plus, paying with pennies is just rude.)

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