Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Low-key Shenanigans in Foster-Powell

Today, I got out and walked. Not a long or short walk, a medium-ish walk. Stopped at Carnelian Coffee for a latté, a savory tart with onions and goat cheese, and a vegan "Pep-Pep" stuffed bun — kind of a fancy, good Hot Pocket — for later. I carried the bun for the rest of the walk, once again to Creston Park so I could walk up the stairs a few times.

(A friendly dog came up to me while I wandered around. I gestured to its owner so the dog would go back and I said "They can feed you, I can't!")

I was useful other ways today, too. And once again I found and picked up change, as I like to do. It was 24¢ total, not much, but those coins (two dimes and four pennies; I'm not going to make you do algebra to figure out how many) can be useful eventually instead of sitting on sidewalks and in gutters.

Slightly annoyingly, near the end of my walk what felt like a tiny bug flew onto my face and wouldn't leave, so I squinted until I was too annoyed and picked at my closed eye to get it away. If I gave myself f'ing COVID doing that, sorry, me. (Trust me, I washed my hands and face thoroughly once home.)

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