Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Four Years.

A lot happened in four years. An often difficult a lot. An often saddening a lot. An often infuriating a lot.

A lot.

I described 2017 as "a year that felt like five years fighting with each other," and that was only one year of the four. 2018 through to now escalated even from there.

And many of us were hurt. Many of us didn't make it this far. And then so much grew still tougher: We in America, this past year, have experienced a collective loss eclipsed only by the war we Americans fought 160 years ago; and the world in this past year now has lost over two million people to COVID-19, 400,000 of those in the U.S.

Think about those who did not make it this far. Think about their loved ones. Think about grief, a subject I've learned increasingly more about.

Think about what it's taken to survive.

It will remain tough. This is a tunnel of a time; our paths to a healthier After are limited. It is a path we can forge, that we can take, that we can reach the end of; we have an immensely long ways to get to anything resembling a Star Trek future, but we can get through.

Please get through with as many of us still marching as possible.

There's a change tomorrow: an American administration that is more likely to listen, to try, to attempt to improve more circumstances for more people. We got on this path; we can stay on it. A step and a step and a step, and more work, and more fights, and more uncertainty, but...

...there can be a lot more Good.

A Good we can get to.

Take care.
Tags: politics

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