Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Oh my yes (quick TV review!)

Thank you, Anthony Bourdain. For one thing, I now know how to pronounce gnocchi (it's kind of like knee-OH-key; I'd thought it was NYO-chee). For another, you treated the Northwest with respect and love (cursing aside) and treated some of my region's food-lovin' eccentrics well. (To see why I was hopeful you'd do just that, read what I wrote here.)

That show made me hungry. Of course, that's the point. But it also showed a side of Portland I like seeing: enthusiastic, punkish, amused and a little nuts. My people. (I knew it would be good when Bourdain met with Chuck Palahniuk.) I have eaten at Voodoo Doughnut, but next I need to have the maple bar with bacon. Yes, a maple bar with bacon. And Apizza Scholls almost makes me wish I hadn't left my previous house; that restaurant moved into my old neighborhood.

I smiled through most of that show.
Tags: portland

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