Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Oh. Moody.

I've been in A Mood, and I have been since Friday. I'm still dissecting why, and I won't tell you what bits of the mood's causes I've figured out; that's for me. It's to (I hope) function better.

The best I've done in the meantime is recognize that I've been in A Mood, and then at least not inflict that Mood on anyone else. I don't know, though, how successful I've been at that. (Ugh, that line of thought could make me paranoid: Am I pissing off everyone I interact with? Even though I'm clearly not, I worry about that.) But my efforts so far to get out of this mood haven't worked yet.

* * *

Part of what's motivated me to blog during the past year (and yeah, maybe dealing with a pandemic is a factor in this mood) is to track what I've been doing. So, here's what I've done:

Friday I did a midday trip to Space Monkey Coffee, getting a latté and a bagel sandwich to go, then walking to the Woodstock neighborhood. I got a few basic groceries from Safeway, where I don't normally shop but it's a doable walk from here. I'd meant to get milk (lactose-free), but I forgot.

Saturday was another trip day, this time by both bus and foot. I went to Books With Pictures on Division and picked up a pre-ordered book (David F. Walker's illustrated history of the Black Panther Party), plus I bought the first collection of the science fiction comic book Descender. I visited briefly with Katie Pryde, the owner of Books With Pictures. Then I walked around that neighborhood then back down Division, because it felt like a good idea to do a long walk. I Lso stopped and indulged in a cheeseburger and truffle fries at Little Big Burger, as I'd been in the mood for a burger. I told myself that, once home, I could indulge in an extra shower to warm up. So I did.

Sunday, so far, hasn't been much, beyond one trip out of bed. Hi.
Tags: peregrinations

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