Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Reporting from the snow

I'll be honest, I was hoping Portland would get through this winter without getting snow.

But, okay, it's happened. Fair amount for our city, too — a few inches here, in my part of Southeast — with what sounds like slight sleet at the moment. Though this is better than the high winds we got last night, enough to shake my bedroom window a bit. Still, I managed to sleep. (And better than I did two nights ago, when I got awakened at 1:55 a.m. by a random call. 207 area code, so unless it was a spoofed number it was from Maine.)

(I'd set up a Thursday pickup appointment at the library for a few items on hold — including the novel Children of Dune — but a library staffer called me minutes before I was going to leave that day to let me know the library was closed. So I've borrowed an ebook of Nora Roberts's Blue Smoke and I'm rereading William Goldman's non-fiction Hollywood book Which Lie Did I Tell?)

Not being in the mood to go out in the snow, I stayed in. Last night and today. I toyed with maybe going to Space Monkey, but didn't. I have other sources for food and warm drinks, of course, but I support them. Warm, comforting food has been my goal today: grits and hot cider for late breakfast, pasta (bucatini! I can find it!) for dinner.

Tomorrow calls for continued hunkering down. *nods*

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