Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

'Nervous?' 'Yes.' 'First time?' 'No, I've been nervous lots of times.'

Something I was worried would happen, won't happen.

The night before I had my car picked up, I imagined waking up to finding the car not stolen, but stripped. Imagined it on blocks and with tires gone and with windows smashed and ugh, grr, I don't like picturing that. (I don't like seeing it for real, either.)

I didn't mention it, because I can still be superstitious and at some level I worried I'd be doing some bad Magical Thinking and causing that to happen. Had it happened, it would have been a complication in getting rid of it, an especially annoying complication.

Relievedly, it didn't. The longer I kept the car out there, unused, though, it increased the chance it might. I should have taken the leap and arranged the donation sooner than I did, and get rid of that source of anxiety. Also, I continued to drive it longer than I should have, considering its issues: the muffler was partly disconnected and hanging at an angle, and knocking that chunk of metal off of the car would have been Very Bad. Each drive could have led to that.

(I last drove the car a couple of weeks before our snow storm, and to my credit I just drove it a few blocks. I mainly wanted to make sure it ran. After the snow storm, I turned the car on a couple of times but didn't drive it anywhere.)

Still. One less cause of anxiety. This is good.

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