Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

It's easier to have stuff to write about if I leave the house

I should have gotten out of the house on Sunday and Monday. I didn't. Yesterday was a nice day, too, so I had that incentive.

I made sure to go out today. Like a lot of my recent trips out, I double-masked. Also I went farther than I'd gone Saturday, when I'd needed to go out Foster a ways to take care of paperwork related to my car donation. So I covered ground.

First I went east to SE 82nd, to check if the neighborhood McDonald's had reopened its lobby for takeout. The place remodeled recently, and a lot of McDonald's are currently drive-thru only, but this one's lobby is open again for takeout. I like McDonald's, so this is good to know.

Then up to Foster Road, because that's where the # 14 bus runs, and farther to find out and do more stuff. Stuff downtown. The sky was getting sunnier, which was nice. I took a quick look at the basement level of Pioneer Place — the only restaurant open at the moment is Bridge City Café, though Portland's first Raising Cane chicken place has been built down there (also, the food court fountain has been removed) — then saw how people get into the now-reopened Apple Store. I'll have reason to go there in the near future.

Zig-zagged through downtown, past Pioneer Courthouse Square and down Broadway (saw that the Peet's Coffee in the Marriott has closed) then up Washington to 13th and into the Pearl District. At NW 13th and Kearney is one of three (so far) SuperDeluxe burger restaurants; I'd been wanting to go to one, and the original at SE 50th and Powell is currently drive-thru only while the Pearl one is walk-up only. This was my late lunch/early dinner: a single burger, fries, and hot coffee. Simple, but good. (People who know more about burgers than me say SuperDeluxe burgers are comparable in quality to In-N-Out. The chain also has a chicken sandwich and chicken nuggets that are good.) I ate in Jamison Square, where I could sit and where there was plenty of room.

(Brief moment: I started to leave the park by walking along the decorative stones that snake down the middle, and someone was walking towards the park, and she didn't seem to notice I was there and passed closer to me than I would have liked. I didn't say anything, but, really? You can't divert five feet to give someone some space? You had plenty of room. Yes, maybe I'm being a weenie. Yes, I could have slowed down.)

I scoped out a couple of other places in NW before getting a bus home: Fuller's, a diner that's been on NW 9th and Davis since 1947, is open mornings and early afternoons with limited indoor seating plus the roadside patio they built last year; and, apparently, John's Café at Everett and Broadway is open its usual morning hours, though it's a small place so I wonder how many people could really fit in there. That said, I like both Fuller's and John's (I don't like just McDonald's!) and I hope to support them soon.

Then a bus, then home, then a second shower as a treat. It's nice to be warm. It's also nice to be tired the way I am at the moment.
Tags: peregrinations

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