Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Where Was Chris Today?: Today Edition

I wrote the subject line that way specifically to be unhelpful. Heh.

Anyway, it was a walking day. I'd cocooned at the house Thursday (sore and, honestly, angry and annoyed — I'd've been bad company that day) and wanted to get out today. Which first meant Space Monkey, with a turkey bagel sandwich (poppy seed) and an espresso milkshake. Then a long walk, with no real destination in mind until I realized I was near Mount Tabor so why not Mount Tabor...

With it lightly drizzling, I headed up the mountain. Yes, it's an extinct volcano (thanks, being extinct!), and very pretty. I got to the circular road at the summit, and visited a recently-installed piece of guerrilla artwork: a bust of York, the enslaved man who was part of Lewis & Clark's Corps of Discovery. The bust is bigger than I'd thought from seeing pictures of it; it's, um, big. And authorities still don't know how people, whomever they are, installed it recently. The sculpture is striking.

I headed off the mountain via the SE Harrison Street exit, which I'm pretty sure I haven't used before, then slowly walked home. A pretty good walk, it was.

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