Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Paying attention to my body

Today I wasn't sick. But I wondered if I was.

I had an interrupted night's sleep: bolt-awake at 4:00 and didn't fall back to sleep until around 6:00. I got a couple more hours in, then (other than going to the bathroom, of course) stayed in either my room or the living room, reading and resting. And, eventually, I felt a little warm.

I rested more, this time in bed, even though by then I'd showered and dressed. Dressed nicely, in fact, with a button-down shirt and a belt, because I'd planned to go out of the house eventually, but I kept putting it off. Until I got concerned enough about feeling a little warm that I used my thermometer.

No temperature. Close to my typical temp (I run maybe 2°F below "normal" body temp). But I'd been careful enough that I checked. And I feel better now, though I'll stay up late tonight to be more tired when I got to bed and, I hope, not wake up again like I did.

I did get out eventually: walked on Foster and got lunch at Pieper Café, and walked around the neighborhood a bit. Got home — and did so carefully, as an arbor crew did a major trim of the tree in the front yard so I entered through the backyard instead of through the foyer — then went out again later to quickly pick up Willamette Week. I'd forgotten to get it.

My other main accomplishment today was I finished watching the second and final season of the BBC series Life on Mars, a science fiction police procedural about a Manchester cop who somehow goes from early-2000s Manchester to 1973 Manchester. The series ending is...affecting.

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