Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

More Than a Day

Yesterday, Tuesday, I walked to the Woodstock neighborhood. I returned two library items, walked around, then decided to bus to Sellwood-Moreland, since I could do an errand at the QFC there and the 19 bus connects both areas. But the bus I would have gotten onto got either delayed or pulled off the route (the phone tracker first said it was "scheduled at" a certain time, then said it was due, then no longer listed it) so, as it was a nice day, I decided to walk. Which is a little over 30 blocks, which is doable. I did, stopping briefly to sit at the entrance to the Bybee Street MAX station, then I shopped at QFC, then I bussed and walked home. And ate, as I was pretty hungry.

I hung out at home for the rest of Tuesday, then slept. Had an involved dream, not one worth describing (it was verrrrrrrrrrrrry metaphorical, a "this is a stand-in for that" sort of dream that's only interest me), and eventually woke up. Wednesday. And thought back to Tuesday.

It didn't feel like it had happened just a day earlier. Seemed longer ago than that.

Time dilation. It's been an issue this past year. My schedule isn't dominated by a job; I have plenty of days where I stay just in the house or at most in the neighborhood; I don't have much to do and I often don't do much. As is true for lots of us.

I do try to do stuff and find ways to differentiate the days. This morning I was out, first to the library to pick up a book this time, then to the ATM at the nearest Bank of America branch, then to the Eastpost Starbucks. I bought a Frappuccino with cash, and tipped with cash, because you can't add tip to a card purchase there. (Yay, cash money!) Last Monday, a day at home, my highlight was watching the DVD I'd borrowed of the fantastic Western Silverado.

Last Sunday (3/28/21) was a walk day: getting brisket from Road Runner BBQ at Carts on Foster, visiting Creston Park and its long stairway again, then stopping at Space Monkey Coffee before going home, watching Oregon men's basketball lose in its Sweet Sixteen game. I also happily saw the news that the famously stuck freighter Ever Given had finally been safely floated by dredge teams, reopening the Suez Canal after days. Relieved and happy for the people who did that.

Last Saturday (3/27/21), I stayed at home. Last Friday (3/26/21, to keep up this style of blogging), I thought about authors Larry McMurtry and Beverly Cleary, both of whom had died the day before. I also missed the rocket that broke up very brightly and vividly over the Pacific Northwest (darn it), but saw videos from people who did see it. Last Thursday (3/25/21), I went walking that evening, and called ahead to Assembly a Brewing to order pizza and beer for that night's dinner.

There. Different days, noted. Now how to make the rest of today different...

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