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Chris Walsh

The latest poem, shared

Think About Thinking
by Christopher Walsh, 3/29/2021-4/1/2021

The mind. It's working.
My mind, at least. I'll trust you on yours.
Around me: a world's worth of info, images and sensations,
Observed and noted,
Reaching me through five senses
And at some mind-level I wonder: how to use it all,
How to think of it all,
What to think of it all.

Pictured: what?
Not everything. Never everything.
Some thoughts: un-thought,
Just possible, potential, "Could," but
Without the synapse-fire that's needed.
-----"What's possible before the thought is possible?
Not even a "maybe" before the "be":
And the best thoughts keep
-----"I had a dream
-----"I got everything I wanted..."

Dreamt: what?
Most of each dream is locked in one's head,
Needed details and garbage details and important details and impossible details
Unfiltered, weighed equally:
Symbols swamped and swallowed in noise.
Some of it may mean something.
Some. May.
Some may inspire something.
Some. May.
The dream only happened as a dream.
It may be nothing. It may be something. It (also) can't be everything.
But it
As support
(A load-bearing dream)
to everything.

Argued: what?
Some thoughts get far enough for debate:
Internal, considered, maybe fussed over, and
Accepted or rejected.
But not necessarily honestly.
Perhaps I didn't feed it enough truth
(Or tried the Diet Truth)
And the arguing seemed done but wasn't.
It can be easy for me to convince me.
How many minds are stopped there?
How much has not been thought enough?

Hoped-for: what?
What bubbles up in the mind's stew of thoughts and debates and dreams
To be a want?
To be a goal?
Whose hopes reach the real?
Whose version of Better,
-----"of Better Than This,
-----"of Better Than Now,
Gets beyond our heads?
What leads to

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