Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

I can do stuff while feeling low

After posting the earlier entry, I did a walk. And an errand. A combination walk-errand.

I needed to return a library book, Beverly Cleary's Sister of the Bride (1963). It was dry out, and a little cool, so I bundled up, grabbed the book, and hit the road. I went down Harold Street to 52nd Avenue to Woodstock Boulevard, reached the Woodstock branch of the library, and dropped it into the slot. Now the book waits for three to four days before it gets checked in and returned to a shelf.

Then I walked home. Down Woodstock to 72nd, past the just-reopened corner bar at 72nd and Harold, then home.

Oh, and on the way I found 11¢ in change.

Getting something done outside the house probably improved my mood, at least a bit. Productivity! It can happen when you're a little sad.

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