Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Vaccination: Part One.

I've gotten my first dose of COVID vaccination.

(I started this week planning to do a bit with the blog where I'd post nothing but Out-Of-Context Theater entries, figuring I'd say enough weird things online to be able to do so, but this preempts that.)

Yesterday I started registering online to, I hope, eventually get an appointment for my first shot. I set up at the Walgreen's pharmacy site, because one of their stores is within walking distance of where I live and also other sites, like the State of Oregon vaccination site and Fred Meyer's, um, won't load on my tablet. (I'll get it replaced soon. Really. I need and want better online access.) Turns out what I did yesterday didn't fully set me up for a possible vaccine appointment, and when I tried to finish the set-up...the page wouldn't load. (NEW TABLET, CHRIS. Seriously.) But I was already going to run an errand this morning to the library branch near me, and Walgreen's is close to the branch, so...

I went. And asked. And a person with the pharmacy said We can see if we have extra doses tonight. We'll call you if we do.

Skipping ahead: they did.

I got back to the pharmacy a little before 6:30. I got a jab of Pfizer at 6:47. At 7:05, showing no sign of a bad initial reaction to the shot, I left the pharmacy area. And grabbed a Gatorade from the chilled drinks section and a four-pack of more Gatorade from the store shelves because hydrate, hydrate, hydrate is my job for now. (YES, I PAID.)

This helps. Today, especially: today was a low day for me. I felt sad and frustrated. I rested in the midday and afternoon, doing little. I doubted the extra dose would happen; I didn't want to get my hopes up, but at least if it hadn't I would have called Walgreen's national line tomorrow to get further assistance.

Now. Here's what's next for me. I likely won't get my second dose on the actual 21st day from now, Wednesday May 19th, because the pharmacy can't guarantee they'll have extra doses that day. But, I have a 21-day window starting the 19th to get the second jab and get the full efficacy from it. So I'll be in touch. And I don't have to do anything tomorrow except rest and, if I have any side effects, deal with side effects.

Progress. Sometimes slow and frustrating, for so many of us, after a slow and frustrating year-plus of pandemic and quarantine. After my second dose, I'll still mask up, but single masks instead of double masks, my habit of late. And, as more of us do what I could start today and get vaccinated, closer to a life without quarantine.

It really helps, this break.

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