Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

27 hours out

I've been sore. I've been thirsty. Luckily, I've had no other, more extreme reactions to my first injection of the Pfizer vaccine.

Luckily, I could relax and rest at home today. So I did. Slept in, waiting until the afternoon to shower, fed myself all right, quenched my thirst more — I felt most parched late morning, so I kept pushing fluids — and felt with-it enough in the evening to mask up and walk to the bar at SE 72nd and Harold. I'd been meaning to get food from there, especially as they have to close indoor seating (AGAIN) use to Multnomah County being in Extreme Risk for COVID spread. I'd hoped to get chicken wings, but the bar isn't serving those at the moment, so I got a fish fillet sandwich plus fries instead. Also good.

And I ate on the house's front porch, where I could be socially distanced while still enjoying the comfortable, slightly breezy evening.

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